The Dyments


Book Information

The Book is a Coffee Table Format.  The pages are 8 1/2 x 11, is 480 pages, perfect bound, embossed on the cover, and has a full colour litho wrap cover.  Each book is numbered from 1 to 300.

The Book is divided into 2 parts.  The first part contains new stories, including specific content on the Dinan's from the 9th century, to the 12th.  Along with some interesting stories about several Dyments and information.  

We also have the personal 6 week diary from a passenger who travelled from Plymouth England, to Dundas Ontario Canada in 1835 (not 1833).  He mentions John Dyment and others during his journey.   

The second part contains over 3,700 names with Bios from the old book, notes that have been sent in and new ones (if submitted) and related information for all decendants of Hamon I de Dinan, with an index, and how you are connected.  If you are a decendant of Hamon, and you are on the tree, you will be included in the book.  There is an index of all names, so you can find yourself.  We also have a lot of photos, some great maps and other surprises.

The cost of the book grew, as the project grew, and since I already fixed a price based on 250, I printed 300 books to try and make up some losses.  The price per book is $74.00 (which includes a shipping carton).  Shipping, is NOT included.  Shipping prices follow on the next page.  It is best to group orders together (up to 4 books) to save shipping.

Place your orders now as there are only so many.  You will be invoiced after your order, and shipped once payment has been received. 

They are all printed, and beautiful!  Ken Dyment did the cover design and some maps in the book.  There are only two methods to pay for the book.  One is through PayPal, the other is to mail in a Bank Draft.

The Book will only be sold to cousins who are in the book, as there are names and dates of living people.


Alice (Dayman) Quance b.1815
Hiram Dyment b.1869
John Dyment b.1877
John Dyment 1801-1878